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All Dog Lovers are considered friends of Dog Beach USA

and are encouraged to PICK UP all debris

and keep the beach and bluffs clean.


Dog Beach USA is maintained by its founding nonprofit 501(c)3 organization:

Preservation Society of Huntington Dog Beach

We are 100% funded by our Dog Beach Community.

We rely on private donations to keep it clean and open!

Dog Beach for Beginners...

Dog Beach amenities include:


  • Public restrooms 

  • Designated parking lots with handicap access ramps

  • Grassy area with picnic tables

  • Drinking fountains for dogs & humans

  • Doggie waste bags paid for with donations for souvenirs & apparel


*Review complete Dog Beach Rules on our FAQ page.*


  • Maintain control of your dog at all times. 

  • Under existing city ordinance, dogs must remain leashed. However, for the past several years only unleashed, potentially dangerous dogs have been cited or removed.

  • If your dog is new to Dog Beach, take it slow. Keep them on their leash until you can be sure of how they will react to the sand, sea, and especially other dogs and people.

  • Protect your pet with a license tag on your pet's collar. This is good insurance in helping reunite you with your animal if your pet should become lost. Ninety-eight percent of the dogs impounded wearing a license return home.

  • Owners MUST pick up after their dogs and dispose of used bags in the trash cans. Doggie waste bags are available free of charge for this purpose. Please take only what you need for immediate use. Doggie waste bags are our largest single expense and we rely entirely on donations to provide them

  • Leaving used bags in the cliffs or on the sand is prohibited; violators will be cited. Properly disposing of dog waste is more than a common courtesy; it is imperative that every Dog Beach visitor follow this rule, or we run the risk of losing the privilege of bringing our dogs to the beach.​​

  • Not all dogs like the water. Introduce your dog to the water slowly and at his own pace: try coaxing him into the shallow water, or entice him to walk with you so that he is wading in the water. Do NOT pick him up and force him in! This is a cruel and ineffective way to get him to “like” it, and it is unsafe. If, in spite of your best efforts, your dog still does not want to go into the water, then accept that fact and let him play the way he wants to; he can still enjoy the socialization and freedom of Dog Beach without having to be in the water.


  • Many dogs do not automatically know how to swim. Dogs often must be taught how to swim effectively, and this is best done in still water (pools, lakes) rather than at Dog Beach, where the waves and current can be a hazard. The classic “dog paddle” is in fact a sign that the dog is struggling and needs help quickly to get to safety. Also, even strong swimmers should not swim too far away from the shore, so don’t throw your dog’s tennis ball so far out that you would not be able to reach him quickly if he needed help.


  • Do not let your dog drink the ocean water. Most dogs, after a few licks, realize that they do not like the taste of the salty water, or they are too busy playing to stop and drink. However, some dogs ingest large quantities of salt water, and this can be life-threatening. Signs that a dog has ingested too much salt water (water intoxication) include lethargy, abdominal discomfort, abnormal breathing, discomfort walking / lack of coordination, nausea and vomiting, pale gums, etc. If your dog displays these symptoms, seek veterinary help immediately.





Help keep Dog Beach USA open by visiting our tent and donating to the cause while selecting souvenirs to commemorate your visit.


Information & Souvenir Tent Locations*:  #1-Tower 22 bluffs at Goldenwest & PCH (GPS address: 100 Goldenwest St., Huntington Beach, CA); #2-Tower 24 in the middle of the two parking lots on PCH north of Goldenwest.

Headquarters: Tower 24

Hours*: Our INFORMATION TENT is normally open Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10AM-4PM (weather permitting). The Dog Beach itself is open from 5AM - 10PM every day.

* LOCATION AND HOURS MAY CHANGE. Text us for help to find us! 714-841-8644. 

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Our Organization Name: 
Preservation Society of Huntington Dog Beach

Our Ralphs Organization Number: GA468

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Dog Beach USA Visiting Hours: 

Open every day of the year!

(Parking lots and Beaches are open 5am-10pm)

📍 Dog Beach USA Location:

Pacific Coast Highway

between Goldenwest St. and Seapoint St.

GPS Address: 

100 Goldenwest Street,

Huntington Beach, CA 92648


Website Dog Photos Compliments of Fly Dog Photography

602 Coffehouse collects donations on our behalf

at its H.B. coffee house located within 1 mile of Dog Beach USA.

Top Dog Barkery supplies free doggie treats and collects donations on our behalf.