Frequently Asked Questions

Preservation Society of Huntington Dog Beach

Where are you located and what are your hours?

Dog Beach USA is open every day, year-round, 5am-10pm.

GPS for Huntington Dog Beach is 100 Goldenwest St., HB., CA 92648.

Parking is located off Pacific Coast Highway between the stoplights at Seapoint and Goldenwest Streets.

Mailing addrress:

419 Main Street, #99

Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Where do I park?

NOTE: ALL BEACH PARKING LOTS ARE CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE You will need to walk north of Goldenwest, and we request all Dog Beach patrons to be considerate of the neighborhood and keep your dog(s)  leashed until you get to the sandy beach north of Goldenwest. Also, please be prepared to pick up after your dog and any other debris you see along the way and dispose of it properly in trash cans.

There are two parking lots between Seapoint and Goldenwest that service Dog Beach USA. These parking lots now feature electronic parking meters that print out parking passes for your dashboard. The cost is $2 per hour. These machines currently take plastic only. 

Annual Parking Permits 
If you visit Dog Beach regularly, you may wish to take advantage of a Huntington Beach Annual Parking Permit.

For information on current rates, call the Marine Safety Division at

714-536-5281 or visit them at 103 Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach (at 2nd Street, just south of the pier). 

What are the rules at Dog Beach?

Following these rules while visiting Dog Beach USA will help to ensure that your day is happy and enjoyable for both you and your dog:

- Keep your dogs within sight and under control at all times


- Dogs must be leashed when entering and exiting the beach 


- Dog waste MUST be picked up immediately and disposed of in the receptacles provided


- Do not allow dogs to chase the wildlife


- NO AGGRESSIVE DOGS (If your dog has a history of being aggressive toward other dogs or people, Dog Beach may not be the best place for him/her.)


- No sick dogs or female dogs in heat


- No puppies under 4 months old (for their safety)

- Dogs must wear collars and current tags


- Up-to-date vaccinations and licensing required

-Be courteous to other beach users

- If your dog is new to Dog Beach, take it slow. Keep them on their leash until you can be sure of how they will react to the sand, sea, and especially other dogs and people.

- Most important rule of all - HAVE FUN!

How do I perform community service at Dog Beach?



If you would like to serve community service hours at Dog Beach, please review our Beach Clean Up web page and register for the specific clean up event there. 

What is your non-profit organization information?

Organization Name: Preservation Society of Huntington Dog Beach

Mailing Address:  419 Main Street, #99, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Phone: 714-841-8644

Tax Status: 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation

Dog Beach USA is funded solely through private donations--no public financing is used. Our Board of Directors serve as volunteers and we currently have one part-time employee.  Approximately 70% of all donations go toward maintaining Dog Beach, providing doggie bags, signage (as required by the city), etc. 

Where is the nearest RV parking for Dog Beach?

18000 Pacific Coast Hwy. (approximate address)
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Phone: 800-444-7275


Bolsa Chica State Beach RV Park offers year round reservations. Fees include entry for one vehicle and one legally towed vehicle or trailer. Additional vehicles will be charged per night. Electrical and water hook-ups are provided.


A dump station is located at Bolsa Chica State Beach in a lot adjacent to the campsites. Facilities include food service, picnic areas, restrooms and showers.


Adjacent to Dog Beach, leashed dogs are permitted on the paved path leading to Dog Beach and may play at the water's edge without a leash at Dog Beach. 


Bolsa Chica's entry gate closes at 7pm nightly.  Campers arriving after 7 p.m. need to make after-hour entry arrangements by calling 714-377-5691 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

315 Pacific Coast Hwy. (approximate address)
Huntington Beach, CA 92648


Phone: 714-969-5621

The Sunset Vista Recreational Vehicle Campground is open October 6 through May 31, is owned and operated by the City of Huntington Beach. Sunset Vista Recreational Vehicle Campground is the newest RV camping facility in Huntington Beach and the closest location to downtown. The 46-space facility offers individual water and electrical hookups, as well as a dump station. Wheelchair access parking spaces and ramps are provided.


Sunset Vista RV Campground does not accept reservations over the phone. Reservations can only be made by mail, taken in the order they come with a lottery basis. The maximum stay is 14 nights per month. Applications for reservations can be obtained by calling 714-536-5286.

Can we BBQ on Dog Beach?

Unfortunately barbecues are not allowed on Dog Beach. Huntington Beach City regulations require any barbecue to be set up near a fire pit.


Dog Beach's fire pit was removed some time ago, however, there are still fire pits in locations north and south of Dog Beach USA. 

Are there fences at Dog Beach?

No there is no fenced area at Dog Beach.  We do not recommend letting your dog off leash if they do not have good recall.

Do I have to become a member to visit Dog Beach USA?

Membership is not a requirement to visit Dog Beach USA.

There are no costs to visit Dog Beach except for the cost of parking. The Preservation Society of Huntington Dog Beach does, however, rely on the generosity of our members and their donations to pay for the many costs associated with maintaining Dog Beach USA and keeping it the cleanest stretch of beach for miles. If you and your dog enjoy Dog Beach USA, please consider becoming a patron. Your dog will love you for it!

Can we have our wedding or event on Dog Beach?

Yes, weddings and events are allowed on Dog Beach. You must get permission and applicable permits from the Marine Safety Division of Huntington Beach.


Marine Safety can be reached at 714-536-5281 or you can visit them at 103 Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach (Cross street- 2nd, just south of the pier). 

Where are dog friendly hotels near  Dog Beach?

Hilton Waterfront Resort (approx 4 miles to Dog Beach)
21100 Pacific Coast Hwy, HB
Please visit our Corporate Sponsor page for information on their special "Wag it at the Waterfront" package which benefits Dog Beach USA.

Shorebreak Hotel (approx 1 mile to Dog Beach)
500 Pacific Coast Hwy, HB

Who to contact for lost or found personal belongings?

Lifeguard Headquarters 

Phone: 714-536-5281

Address: 103 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA


Beach Wheelchair Access


Beach wheelchairs are permitted at Huntington Dog Beach and may be rented locally and free of charge with a valid form of I.D. from Dwight's Concessions. 

Dwight's Concessions

  • Huntington City Beach at Dwight’s Beach Concession
    201 Pacific Coast Highway, (714) 536-8083

Wheelchair access ramps at Huntington Dog Beach are located at the points of entrance where P.C.H. meets:

  • Goldenwest

  • Seapoint

AND the entrances and exits to the Dog Beach parking lots located between Seapoint and Goldenwest on P.C.H.​

Welcome to Dog Beach USA® 

Huntington Beach, California 


Mailing Address

419 Main Street, #99

Huntington Beach, CA 92648



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